“I want to lose 10-15lbs”. One of the most common goals we hear at RAM. We know goal setting is important and should be specific so this is a pretty specific goal right? But why is that the magic number? If you feel like garbage and you lost 10lbs tomorrow would you be happy? If you still felt the same way and the 10lbs was off your body would you be happy? I am assuming not. If we dig a little deeper and find out why 10lbs is the magic number then maybe it is because that’s where you were five years ago when you were active, you felt great, had lots of energy and confidents. The real reason you want to lose 10lbs is you want to have more energy, feel healthy and you don’t want to be huffing and puffing doing normal daily activities. You want to be stronger and more confident. In the end it comes down to how you feel in your body not the number on the scale.

So get off the scale every day, focus on increasing a bit of muscle mass, improving your energy and decreasing your body fat or measurements. Hey, you may even gain weight or only lose a few pounds. But if you fit back into your skinny jeans because your inches dropped and your body fat decreased then I bet you will be even more happy then just that 10lb number on the scale.

Work on creating a healthier body and mind. Celebrate the changes that happen away from the scale. More energy, sleeping better, clothes fitting better and a clearer mind. Where you will feel your best most likely won’t be the number you have in your head.

Remember that you are on the journey of creating a new version of yourself and not the old version you used to be. You might not ever get back to the weight you used to be five or ten years ago but you will find the body that is composed differently of more muscle, more energy and less body fat. You can be fitter and healthier than ever and you will be the newer, better version of yourself.

Today ask yourself: Why is it important to reach my goal? Then think about this every day when you go to workout. When you are preparing your meals. Keep that strong purpose in your mind!

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