We are not your regular gym. If you have been to RAM you know this already, if you haven’t been here then come in and have a chat with us to see how we can help you. At RAM we are a coaching business. We provide a service not access. Globo gyms provide access. Our vision is to help 5,000 people in five years to become the best version of themselves by utilizing exercise, nutrition and positive mindset. Our mission is to provide you with a clean friendly and upbeat environment where you will be coached with passion and purpose. 

We are personable, approachable and will welcome anyone at RAM. Although our gym is not for everyone. We look for people who share the same core values we believe in at RAM. 

Those who are LEADERS by practicing what they preach whether it be in fitness, their job or with their family. 

Show COMPASSION for all members by treating everybody equally. 

Be OUTSTANDING at what you do. 

Enjoy a FUN AND RELAXED environment. 

Be 100% FOCUSED on what you are here to do. 

Have a PASSION AND PURPOSE for reaching your goals. 

Being CONSISTENT at what you do.

If you think you can align with these above values, then you most likely will fit right in here at RAM. If not, then chances are we are not the place for you. 

Unlike Globo gyms who take your money and hope you don’t show up, we want you to show up! If we haven’t seen you in a while you can expect a call or text from us to check in. It is because we care. Chances are if you haven’t been in or you canceled your workout then you most likely are not doing it on your own. That means slower progress towards your goal. We know people who show up consistently see results. We want to help you get the results you want! We are in this with you! 

Think you will fit in with our RAMFAM? Book a FREE Intro HERE. Current members feeling stuck or unstructured? Book a check in with us HERE to come up with an action plan.