Looking for results? Look no further than the kitchen! What you prepare, and what you put in your mouth will be the true testament to the results you see and the energy you have. Remember you cannot outwork a bad diet no matter how much and how hard you work out. If you are eating garbage you will not see the changes you desire.

So how do we go about starting a nutrition plan or as most people say a diet? Let’s start by removing the word diet from our vocabulary because diet is a short term fix that gets results but is not sustainable long term. Meaning the results will reverse themselves when you go back old habits. Let’s focus on lifestyle changes! Changing habits each week to develop better habits that will last you a lifetime and keep you healthy long term.

Consistency is the key to success and results. Eating right day after day will yield long term results as opposed to a 6-week diet plan. Aim for progress and not perfection. No one is perfect and we will eat foods that are harmful to our bodies. But if we can eat well 80% of the time then our body will be better at handling insults 20% of the time. If you eat 4 times per day, that is 28 meals per week, which means 3 of the 4 meals per day must be good quality whole foods. While you can get away with eating lesser quality foods with one meal per day, this doesn’t mean you can go eat a bag of chips each day. If you have 3 good quality meals throughout the day, then maybe for dinner reward yourself with a reasonable piece of dessert.

A few key tips to keep in mind to start creating successful habits are:

1)    Eat breakfast such as a smoothie with some greens such as spinach or kale

2)    Eat every 3-4 hours (if you typically eat 3 meals per day incorporate a small snack between meals)

3)    Hydrate – drink half your body weight in ounces of water per day

4)    Eat veggies with each meal

5)    Avoid highly processed foods (usually most foods in boxes or bags)

Action step to start this week…

1)    Drinking your proper amount of water (half your body weight in ounces daily)

2)    Start eating breakfast or change your breakfast to a nutrient packed smoothie

We have 4 spots left in our RAM REBOOT Nutrition Challenge! If you are looking for accountability with your eating and weekly action steps to develop healthier habits than register today! Start your year with health and fitness!

Happy New Year!
From your team at RAM!