I hope you have been enjoying this warm weather. It’s great to be able to get out and enjoy the outdoors. But it can sometimes also be too much and leave you feeling tired and drained.

As we should be grateful for this great weather, I see it as an opportunity to really clean up your nutrition over the summer. I know summer eating can be challenging with barbecuing, drinks, and ice cream. Sometimes not always the greatest options but I really think you can take advantage of this to create a healthy eating plan.

When the weather is warm most of us may lose some appetite. You may not feel like eating or even cooking much. You don’t want to eat anything too heavy or any comfort foods. This is ok because a lot of our comfort foods which we may tend to have more in winter months can be things like large pasta dishes, breads, casseroles etc.

So how can you take advantage of this time to really clean things up?

1) If the warm weather is leaving you with a smaller appetite that’s ok eat more frequent smaller sized meals. You should be doing this anyway!

2) Avoiding the heavier dishes as we mentioned above is ok because a lot of times the foods and ingredients we use for these are processed and not what our bodies need. Also, lose the bun when grilling burgers or sausage. There are no benefits to a white packaged processed bun that will stay good in a bag for months.

3) Now is the chance to eat lighter fresher meals. Grilled chicken and fresh salad from the garden. Grilled fish and baked potatoes. Rice or quinoa bowl with beans and fresh veggies. This is good clean eating and how it should be most of the time.

4) Grill. Take advantage of grilling your foods. This is a healthy way to cook and you can even grill up many veggies!

5) Fresh nutrient dense fruits and veggies are available. Take advantage of growing your own veggies or get them from a local farm. Conventional fruits and veggies are usually sprayed with pesticides and chemicals. If you grow your own our get them from a local form you know what is used or you can ask.

So don’t let summer be a setback. Make it a step forward in the right direction to cleaner and healthier eating!

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