It is easy to overthink and complicate fitness and nutrition. Simple things such as you should be doing more cardio to lose weight. Strength training is better than cardio. I shouldn’t eat bananas because there is too much sugar in them, but natural sugar in fruit is good. I should try keto, but I should avoid fatty foods. With so much information out there it is impossible to know where to start. That’s why we have filtered all this for you and brought you back to the basics. Today, I want to give you five simple and proven strategies to start on your weight loss or health journey.

  1. Work out consistently, a minimum of three times per week

One day is better than zero. But if you want to see results workout at least three times per week consistently. When can you stop? Never. This must become a lifestyle. Do not worry about the method when you start just be consistent.

  1. Eat four meals per day

Eating one or two meals per day can slow the metabolism and send your blood sugar on a roller coaster ride. In order to boost your metabolism and keep your insulin levels under control eat consistently throughout the day and complement each meal with a protein and healthy fat.

  1. Have veggies with at least two of those meals per day.

There has never been anyone telling you to not eat veggies. We know vegetables are good for us. You can get away with eating an abundance. Make it a habit of having vegetables with a minimum of two meals per day. Many of us do not get enough in daily.

  1. Consume your daily water intake.

Water has many benefits such as keeping us full, flushing our system of toxins, lubricating our joints and hydrating the cells of our body. Drinking more water is the most simple and easiest change you can make that will have the most benefit. Avoid other drinks such as pop, juice (drink only freshly squeezed) and coffee with added sugar.

  1. Avoid processed sugar and any foods with added sugar.

Sugar is addicting and if not utilized is stored as fat. It is also known to cause many diseases in the body from tooth decay to cancer. Avoid adding sugar to anything. Do not purchase or use simple sugar. Use other natural sources for flavouring such as maple syrup, honey and stevia. Also avoid packaged foods that have sugar in the ingredient list. Eating fruit and dairy is fine as it does have naturally occurring sugar which is digested differently in the body.

Don’t get overwhelmed. Take action today on one of the above items. Implement it and make it a habit. Once you have made one of these a habit then work

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