Here is a quote from one of the top weight loss doctors in Canada: “To keep weight off you must like the life you are living while you are losing weight. Or else the weight will most likely not stay off.”

Also your “best weight” or your “best shape”, is the weight or shape you reach while living a healthy lifestyle you actually enjoy.

This is telling us that we must be happy with the process we decide to follow to lose weight and find our best shape. If we do not enjoy the foods we are eating or the exercise we do daily then the odds that you will stick to a program are slim.

This is why crazy fad diets or thirty day challenges of sticking to perfect nutrition are unrealistic. Yes, they work short term, but it is not something you can maintain or will enjoy long term, and the results will not last. If it feels like you are limiting or sabotaging yourself daily, then this is not a healthy way to reach your ideal weight or shape.

This is true for exercise as well. If it is something you do daily that you despise and it feels like a chore, then you most likely need to find a new method that you enjoy more and are more likely to stick to. Realize that the more you eat well and the more you exercise the more you can get away with the things you maybe shouldn’t eat as often or may be able to take an extra rest day from working out. Don’t aim for perfection, aim to be consistent.

The key is to build habits that help you build a healthy relationship with food and exercise. Prep meals that taste great and you look forward to eating but are also healthy and nutritious. Follow the plate method instead of measuring out foods to keep it simple and avoid getting obsessed over how much you are eating. Find physical activity that you look forward to doing. It’s not going to be easy, but it makes you feel great after.

It’s a lifestyle that needs to last. Remember “to keep weight off you must like the life you are living while you are losing weight in order to sustain it long term!”

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