Challenges are fun, exciting and can promise quick results! This is all great, but will challenges actually get you results that will last?

Today we are going to look at fitness challenges specifically. Do they work? And will they get you results? Challenges can be a great way to get started into a fitness or nutrition routine. Most challenges, if followed consistently will yield some short term results. The first focus you must have when starting a fitness or nutrition challenge is developing the proper mindset.

Many people find challenges easy to engage in because there is a starting point and an end point. There is no long term commitment required. This is great to get you excited and motivated but we all know fitness and nutrition is a lifestyle and we cannot just focus on it for 21 days or 6 weeks and expect to get results that will last.

The first mindset shift that must take place is that a challenge is a starting point. It is the first step in your journey to creating better health. We must realize that after a challenge ends we must have a next step or a plan moving forward to continue seeing progress and results. If you can shift into the mindset that a challenge is a “kick-start” then you are setting yourself up for long term success and lasting results.

In order to lose weight, be healthier and create longevity we must set long term goals and break these down into smaller stepping stones. When you start your challenge realize this is your first phase. Set a short term (4 or 6-week goal) to work towards. If you reach your goal that’s great, keep going with the plan. If you made no progress over a challenge, then look back and see what went wrong, how can you improve in the next 4 to 6 weeks and change your plan going forward.

Consistency will get you results, not being perfect for six weeks then going back to old habits. You will see lasting results by being consistent with fitness and nutrition, not by being perfect for a short period of time. If you do what is required 80% of the time, then you can stray from the plan 20% of the time and still make progress.

Remember, when you start your next challenge, realize that it is only the start of your journey to living a healthy and happy life!

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