Where the mind goes, the body will follow – Arnold Schwarzenegger

When we look at the iceberg of success the base of the iceberg is mindset. What does this mean when it comes to exercise? We know from the iceberg that mindset is critical to building long term habits that last. If you have all the knowledge and willpower you need to exercise and get fit, that’s great but it will not last if you have a poor mindset and environment.

Today we will look at a few ways you can get in the proper mindset to stick to your routine long term.

1) Before starting on your fitness journey, realize that it is just that, “a journey”. You will not change your life in just thirty or ninety days. It will take constant commitment to get the body and health that you want. You must go into it knowing that it will take time to see results and this is a long-term investment in yourself. You must trust the process.

2) Celebrate the small wins. Some of your goals may be big, as they should. Take time each week and each month to celebrate the small accomplishments you have made. Things as simple as you made it to the gym four times each week, you started eating veggies two to three times per day, you have more energy and a more positive mindset. When you add up all the small wins they will add up to big results. And remember progress = motivation.

3) Start your day off with gratitude. Think about, pray or journal what you are thankful for. We often always think about what we don’t have. You can create a positive mindset if you think about all the great thinks you do have going for you.

4) Health and Fitness is a lifestyle. Get in the mindset that this is a new lifestyle, not just a new diet or new program you are going to try out for a few months. If you want to live a healthy life you must spend time working on it every day. This isn’t something you can do when you feel like it and expect great results. A healthy lifestyle requires constant work every day.

Another way where the mind goes and the body will follow is how your body functions and operates. For example, when you are tired or stressed this can leave you in a poor mindset and can lead to your body being stressed while hormones can start to go out of balance which can cause issues in the body including weight gain.

On the other hand, if you are relaxed, sleep well and have more energy this will usually lead to your hormonal systems being balanced which allows your body to function properly while maintaining a healthy weight.

Before you start to get motivated and willpower your way through your next fitness challenge create a mindset that is ready to take on a new lifestyle.

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