We set a timeline. Now for the tough part. The action plan! This is where you must plan out your weekly workout schedule and then your workouts for the week. You can spend the time and do this on your own. Or, you can save all the guess work and have a coach provide you with workouts that will suit your goals the best. The great part about having a coach is you do not have to think you just have to execute the plan so you can skip one step and save yourself a pile of time.

How should you set up your weekly schedule? Your schedule will depend on your goals which will also determine the type of workouts you will do. First, determine how many days you can realistically commit to exercise. If you are just starting out don’t say seven. Going from zero to seven days of workouts is like not saving for retirement then putting 90% of the savings in right away. It’s a lot! Start with bite sized pieces. Maybe aim for three workouts a week to start.

Let’s say you are already working out three times a week but you want to see more results so you are ramping up to five days per week. Decide what days you will workout first. Is it Monday to Friday? Is it Monday to Thursday and Saturday? Then set the time you will work out at. 6am, 12pm, 5 pm? Set these days and times in stone and make it an appointment and a priority. Most people will say “I will workout when I have time.” Guess what? You want find time, you have to make time. Set your schedule in stone!

Now is where the hard work comes in and planning out your daily workout. We are not going to get in depth with this today but plan out if you are doing strength or cardio and on what day. Then design the workout. What’s your warmup? What exercises will you be doing? How many sets and repetitions of each exercise will you do? You need this written out so that you can execute. If you only choose a few exercises and do how many reps you feel like you will not push yourself as much as you need to get the results you want.

Now go ahead, create your schedule, what days and times? Then go ahead and design your workouts. Need help with this? This is exactly what we do with online coaching. We give you structured workouts and check in with you consistently to keep you accountable. Book a call here to see how we can help you.

It’s time to take action! Make an action plan or let us help you!

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