Let’s address food. Many people are scared to properly FUEL their body and eat ENOUGH each day. More fuel = greater output = better results for training. Under eating could actually be hindering your progress.

YES, even if your goal is weight loss, doing endless amounts of fasted cardio isn’t the solution and here’s why. Doing fasted cardio may burn more calories directly in that moment BUT not overall throughout the day! Training with FUEL will allow you to FEEL STRONGER & put more effort into your session which will benefit you more long-term. Carb up beforehand and watch the magic happen.

Knowing when & what to fuel your body with is also very important. Balanced meals are key throughout your day. Having a balanced meal of protein, carbohydrates + healthy fats about 1 hour before your training will help keep your energy stable and will allow enough time for digestion. If you are doing a shorter workout, having a snack 30 mins prior (mainly fast digesting carbohydrates such as a piece of fruit) will help provide enough energy & fuel. Post workout you want to be giving your body enough time to actually cool down and come out of its stressed state. Wait at least 15-30 mins and have a balance of both protein & carbohydrates to replenish your glycogen stores. You also don’t have to have 5000 grams of protein directly after your workout, your body can only absorb so much protein at one time so it’s best that you spread it out throughout your entire day. Macros aren’t everything, you also NEED antioxidants/nutrient dense foods. Focus on whole foods filled with fiber over processed foods. Just because something is low calorie doesn’t automatically make it “healthier for you” if it’s processed and full of ingredients you can’t even pronounce.

HYDRATION – Dehydration can have a huge effect on training output & recovery. Hydrate BEFORE your workout, during & after as well. The foods you eat can also play a part in hydration, water rich fruits and vegetables are a great option

Now how should you train? Cardio or strength? It depends on your goals BUT everyone can benefit from a balance of both. If the goal is weight loss/gain, then prioritize strength training to help increase your metabolism & build your body to become stronger & more capable. It’s not just about aesthetics, strength training can increase bone density, energy, improve mobility & joint function as you age, decrease pain/chance of injury etc. As for cardio, find what you enjoy & have fun with it to improve your cardiovascular health.

Lastly make sure to sleep enough!! this is when your muscles are rebuilt and recover from training.

Coach Ash.

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