I once took weeks to develop the perfect workout plan. The perfect strength training routine, the perfect cardio workouts and even the perfect stretching and mobility techniques for myself. I wanted an all-encompassing program that would cover everything. It was great on paper but the only problem was it was never used. 

Once the plan was complete after a few weeks, I had new and better ideas and I was already doing another routine in the meantime. Also the new program would take way more time than I had in my schedule. This is the perfect example of waiting until you have everything perfect to get started.

The problem is perfect never happens, thus always delaying getting started. How do you decide where and when to start your health and fitness journey? What should you start with and how do you fit it all in? 

Simply put, keep it simple. Over complicating and trying to do everything will discourage you from sticking to a routine or a program. Ask yourself what will make the biggest impact right now? What will get me closest to my goals right now? If you are looking to lose weight, then maybe cut out the yoga from your routine and solely focus on your nutrition for a few weeks. Then when you are ready add in movement. If you want to get stronger then make your strength training a priority and focus on building a weekly routine, you will be consistent with. Once you have a solid routine in place then look at adding in some flexibility work or focus on nutrition. 

It is easy to run into paralysis by analysis and get caught up in the details. What matters is taking action. Focus on one thing at a time and do it consistently. The perfect workout plan is the simplest plan.