When it comes to nutrition and working out the key to success is mastering the basics. It’s not about measuring out how much protein and carbohydrate you are eating. It’s also not about how many single leg squats you can do on a bosu ball. If you can master the basics such as mindful eating and creating a supportive environment for nutrition, this will create long term success. The same goes for your workouts. If you can master the squat, lunge, hinge or deadlift, pushing, pulling and twisting, these movements will allow you to progress your workouts eventually into more advanced movements.

Today I will give you four things you can do to build the foundation for solid nutrition habits. The base of the iceberg of success is mindset. Here are some tips to master mindful eating. Master these habits and then you can move on to building more in depth habits.

1) Set a timer when you eat. It takes about twenty minutes for your body to tell you that you are full. If you eat your whole meal in six minutes there is a good chance you will overeat. Next time you eat, set a timer at dinner. Once you know how long it typically takes you to eat then time yourself the next day and focus on eating slower and enjoying your food. Each meal, aim to be eating for a longer period of time.

2) Put your fork down between bites. This will help with the above. This is another strategy to help you slow down your eating and allow you to fully chew your food and listen to your body. Next time you eat put your fork down between each bite and do not pick it back up until you chew and swallow your food.

3) Use a small plate. Put your large plates at the top of your cupboard and smaller plates at eye level. When eating, use the small plate to control your portions. This will help you from taking more food than you need and since you may already be programmed to finish your plate, the amount of food will be less than on a large plate.

4) No distractions when eating. Start at dinner or lunch, whichever meal you are more distracted at. Avoid screen time when eating. Sit at a table and focus on your food and digestion. Distractions when eating, lead to mindless eating. We tend to overeat and our digestion slows due to blood flow to the eyes or other areas of the body.

Master these habits before you start measuring, calculating or following any crazy nutrition protocols.These are the habits that will last.

Enjoy your food!


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