The all in mindset can either help you or hurt you. When it comes to fitness I believe it can hurt you more than help you. This is the reason we see many people “fall off the wagon” a month or so after the new year, it is that they tell themselves “I will wait until after Christmas because I know I will not eat what I should and then I will be able to go “all in” after the new year”. 

This mindset will set you up for failure because being perfect with health and fitness is not maintainable or realistic. Your health and fitness journey is a lifelong journey. Doing something 100% for a month or two will not get you anywhere if you stop. The key is to find something that is realistic and maintainable long term. The results may come a bit slower this way but they will last. I know people want lasting results and not results that last for only a few months.

The first thing to do is to change the mindset. We should be preparing ourselves for something we can do every week. Something that is realistic with our current lifestyle. If you want to look like that person on the cover of the fitness magazine you will have to work out for multiple hours per day, eat clean all the time and maybe work on your tan. What we see in the media is usually unrealistic unless you can make fitness and health your full time job.

The truth is most of us do not have that much time to commit to fitness and we can’t hire a chef, a personal trainer and a nutritionist. But we should have a coach in at least the area that needs the most improvement. The key is to get your mindset in a place where we realize this is a journey and there will be ups and downs but we must be consistent and not aim for perfection.

For newcomers to fitness, results usually come quick off the start. But they always slow down. The key is to be consistent and resilient and keep moving forward during the lows. If you stop because you are frustrated during the low points you will never succeed. This happens to everyone and those that keep moving forward each day will reap the benefits long term.

Putting a stop to your health and fitness would be like me closing the gym after a bad month. If I did RAM would not be around today. The reason we are still here today is because we keep moving forward and stay consistent through the good and the bad times. We cannot let the lows stop us. All we can do is learn from them and how to improve going forward.

I hope this gets the message out there to anyone thinking of taking a break or anyone delaying getting started. Instead, take action and start working towards your goals now! If you don’t have time then focus on eating better the next few weeks leading up to Christmas, or start working out only twice a week instead of your goal of four times a week. If you can start now and be consistent through to the new year you will have no problem maintaining your health and fitness long term.

Go take action today and do one thing that you may be thinking of holding off until the new year. You will be ahead of the majority of people.