You may or may not be familiar with the variety of classes we have at RAM. If you have been to the studio you know we are more than just cycling. We have a well-rounded approach to fitness with cardio, strength training, nutrition and recovery. We know that one workout or one nutrition plan does not suit all. This is why we offer personal training or one on one coaching. This is the best option to get you towards your goals the quickest with specific and strategic programming and coaching that is tailored specifically for you. Today I am going to show you how you can tailor our groups classes to suit your goals.

We are going to look at three main goals. Weight loss, increase strength/muscle and general fitness.

Here is how you can tailor each of our classes to help you achieve your goals faster.

Group Training – Group training is a class that focuses on strength work and conditioning.

Weight loss – This class is great for anyone looking to lose weight because we know that building muscle is important to increase our resting metabolism which will help us burn more calories and decrease our body fat. Do not be afraid to lift heavy weights as long as your form is good. This will help you stimulate muscle growth. As well, the conditioning portion is great for maintaining lean muscle and being metabolically demanding so that you burn a lot of calories in a short period of time. This will help burn away fat.

Increase Strength/Muscle – The strength portion of this class is just that, made to build strength and muscle while the conditioning portion can be tailored to build muscle by using heavier resistance and a slower pace throughout this portion. As well, getting conditioning work in is important to increase blood flow to the muscle to help your muscles repair and recover quicker for your next workout.

General Fitness – This is the perfect class as you get to build strength and get a good sweat on during a conditioning circuit to maintain lean muscle and improving your cardio at the same time.

Cycle Fusion – Cycle fusion is a mix of cycling intervals followed by strength work off the bike. You are alternating cardio and strength during this entire workout.

Weight loss – The perfect class for weight loss as you will have a high intensity workout that will burn fat and crush calories. You will also be able to build or maintain muscle with the strength portion of this workout which helps with long term weight loss and weight management.

Increase Strength/Muscle – This class is similar to group training for increasing strength/muscle as it is a mix of cardio and strength work. By increasing your cardio capacity on the bike you will be able to challenge yourself more during strength sessions with supersets and drop sets without fatiguing as quickly. Cycle fusion also allows you to maintain the muscle mass you have built while getting in your cardio workout.

General fitness – Again a perfect workout for general fitness as it is the perfect mix of cardio and strength. Your aerobic capacity will increase all while maintaining and building strength at the same time to work towards any leanness or muscle definition goals.

Realryder Cycling – Is an interval based cycling workout designed to strengthen your lungs, heart, legs and have you leave with a positive mindset.

Weight loss – This class is the perfect supplement to a strength training program. Strength training is the foundation (after nutrition) to weight loss and then cardio. Use these classes to burn off extra calories in conjunction with your strength work. This will create the perfect program for weight loss.

Increase Strength/Muscle – For this goal you may only cycle once a week. It will help with supplying more blood to the muscles in order to help you build muscle, strength and recover quicker. By using heavier tension during mountain climbs you can also stimulate lower body muscle growth (look at cyclists legs). If you hate leg day this could be a good alternative.

General Fitness – Again, a great supplement to a strength training plan for general fitness. You can even have cycling as a second workout in a day depending how dedicated you are to reaching your goals. Cycling is great for the days you feel sore and maybe cannot do another strength workout. This will improve your overall conditioning and just makes everyday activities such as running up the stairs or chasing your kids seem effortless!

When you come to your next class remember what you are working towards. Then tailor the workout for as needed. This is the quickest way to reach your goals in a group setting.

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