Are you an athlete? Extremely active? Have a demanding job that requires high amounts of energetic output? The importance of eating well to thrive isn’t new, but there are a few specific foods that go above and beyond when it comes to athletic performance/recovery and overall health.

Papaya: Contains the enzyme papain, which is required for the utilization of protein breakdown. It’s high in vitamin C which is great for immune support & it’s high in fiber which supports healthy digestion.

Beets: Rich in dietary nitrates which our body converts to nitric oxide. This helps regulate oxygen to muscles & opens blood vessels which helps with both cardiovascular endurance + muscle recovery. Also has been proven to help reduce muscle fatigue during sport.

Raspberries: Rich in phytochemicals, antioxidants & anthocyanins which helps support exercise induced muscle damage, supports recovery time, enhances blood flow and helps decrease inflammation.

Bananas: Easy digestible carbohydrate which means it’s quick fuel for energy production. Contains potassium which is an electrolyte that helps with muscle cramping & fatigue. Offers starch for sustainable energy.

Avocado: Monounsaturated fat source which supports heart health. Rich in anti-inflammatory properties. Contains fiber & electrolytes.

Turmeric: Anti-inflammatory & has also been shown to reduce muscle soreness. Curcumin, the active ingredient in turmeric is best paired with black pepper to help increase bio-availability.

Ginger: Great for the immune system, supports muscle fatigue & digestion.

Spinach: Source of nitrates (nitric oxide-same as beets), also rich in electrolytes to help replenish post workout.

Now go ahead and try adding one of these superfoods to your diet today!

Coach Ash.

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