Staying motivated can be a challenge in normal circumstances. When gyms are closed then it makes it much harder to stay motivated and to stay on track. We do know that motivation comes from seeing progress. In order to stay motivated you will need to see results or progress. How can you do this from home? 

Here are a few simple ways to keep you motivated when working out from home. 

1)   Measure your progress. Where did you start from and where are you now? Have you improved? This doesn’t always have to be a number on the scale either. If you do not have access to having your body fat or measurements done consistently then what else means you are making progress towards your goals? It can be working out consistently four or five days a week from home. It can be eating veggies twice a day for a full week. All of this is progress and should be celebrated even though it may seem small in the grand scheme of things. 

2)   Have someone to hold you accountable. Being held accountable to a coach, a workout partner or a group will increase your chances of sticking to your workouts and seeing progress. 

3)   Focus on your weekly progress instead of monthly. It is much easier to focus on winning one week at a time instead of one month or one year at a time. Break down your action steps into daily and weekly targets. 

4)   Track. Use a simple tracking system to physically write down or check off what you completed each day. Seeing this written out in front of you is proven to make people stick to their plan. 

Below is a sample template you can use as a guideline, as well as a blank template to enter your own habits as well. The best method is to print this and have it on your fridge or desk to check off daily. 

Remember that progress = motivation. If you want to stay motivated, then be consistent in what you do.
Tracking Templates HERE