It is easier than ever to find workouts to do from home. You can subscribe to many services for cheap and you can get free workouts online or on YouTube. What will make working with us different then an online workout video? First, we know what you can and cannot do. We know where your fitness level is at. We know what equipment you do and do not have. We check in with you. We hold you accountable and we care about you and your health personally.  

If you are just scrolling and finding random workouts it can be hard to stay accountable, to keep consistent and see steady progress. What we have discovered with online coaching is that people stay committed longer and see better results. For those that have tried online classes and did not have adequate equipment, it is was easy to “fall off the wagon”. 

Why does online coaching work? 

1)   Action plan – Your coach has a plan in place for you to reach your goals and will track your progress along the way. 

2)   Accountability – You always have a coach checking in with you to keep you accountable and to make sure your workouts were completed. 

3)   Personalized programs and progressions – Your workouts can be personalized for your goals and the equipment you have, as well progressions will be strategically planned to help you improve. 

4)   Feedback – Your coach will give you feedback, as well your coach wants feedback from you so they can tweak your workouts accordingly. 

Online coaching is here to stay. We have pivoted back to online coaching with the current lockdown. Having access to a coach to keep you accountable is what will help you stay committed, consistent and on track. 

If you need accountability and guidance book a FREE RAM Intro Call to get started today with online coaching. 

In the mean time get our 14 Day Workout Guide to get moving!

Keep your head up and keep moving forward!