Running is the prefect exercise to do with no equipment and you can do it anywhere at any time. Now more than ever is the perfect time to start running if it is something you have been wanting to incorporate into your fitness routine. With many of us who have little to no fitness equipment at home, running is the perfect exercise. I often hear “running is hard on my knees, I am not a runner or I am too old to run.” Running can be done safely and effectively if you learn to do it properly! I want to provide you with a few steps to get started safely and injury free. Remember if you are just starting out, you do not have to go run 5k your first day! Gradually build with a walk run program. Run for 20 seconds then walk for one minute. This will also allow you to build great form and technique. 

Step 1 Most important, let’s talk about running form and foot strike! This will be one of the most important factors when it comes to pain free and injury free running. When you run you want to make sure your forefoot strikes the ground first, not your heel! Your heel will strike first when walking and that’s normal. But for running it is not. All of these big soled shoes minimize the force that goes through the heel to the knee and hips which after time cause injury because you are not feeling the pain! Focus on forefoot strike during running. See video here!

Step 2 Glute Activation! Turning on your butt muscles! This is important because if these are not turned on before you run, other muscles will take over and eventually overuse injury will happen. Try out these exercises before a run to get those glutes fired up! Find them here.

Step 3 If you are already a runner and you need to correct your form, then back off your training and go back to the basics. Your distance may decrease in order to correct your form but it will benefit you once you build back up! If you are new to running, then this is perfect for you to start with to develop great running habits and form! Take your time and ease into it with a run/walk program! 

Happy Running!