Not comfortable coming back for group classes yet? Love the atmosphere and the push of training beside others? You may not have known this but at RAM we offer partner training. Maybe you need that accountability or a kick-start to get you going but you want to stay in your “bubble”. Great, grab a friend or family member who you are close to and do partner personal training. For some people this is even more successful than one on one coaching because you get the attention of one on one but you get the push and accountability form your workout partner in addition to your coach. Your chances of success have just increased.

Consider a few things before choosing your workout buddy. First, does their schedule match yours? Will it be easy to book times to go to the gym, or will it be a nightmare for scheduling? You want to find someone who has a similar schedule to you so that scheduling is not a roadblock to working out.

Choose a partner with similar goals. If your partner has similar goals to you this means you can do similar workouts and challenge each other. You can also keep each other accountable to reaching your goals and work on your nutrition habits together. If the person you want to workout with has different goals this is fine as well. The workouts will just be tailored to each individuals’ goals.

The benefits of partner workouts include:

Accountability: Just like your coach, a partner will keep you accountable to showing up to your workout, but even more importantly what happens outside the gym. You will be in this together.

Fun: Working out with someone else is usually more fun. If you dread going to the gym this can be an easy way to increase the fun factor of working out.

Competition: Maybe you have a competitive side to you? This will allow you to challenge yourself during workouts while competing with your partner. See who can lift more weight, or who has a better time during a workout.

Consistency: This is huge. Consistency equals results. If you find yourself stopping and starting with fitness and nutrition or if you just want to see results, you need to be consistent. Having a training partner and a coach will help improve your chances of staying consistent.

If you need consistency, accountability and peace of mind for safety then partner training could be for you. Just you, your workout partner and your coach in the gym. It will be fun, you will be held accountable, you will be consistent and you will see quicker results.

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