Today I would like to share with you the journey we take our clients through here at RAM. Our goal is to coach our members to reach their goals and to keep them accountable along the way so that you can maintain a healthy lifestyle long term. 

It all starts with the RAM Intro. We like to meet with you initially before starting at RAM to find out what your goals are and to make sure you have the best plan in place to reach them. Here we will set short and long term goals with you and make an action plan to get you closer to them right away. We are a coaching business so we do not just sell memberships and hope you show up. We are here to make sure you succeed. 

The next step in the journey is getting started with exercise and includes our RAM RAMPUP program. This program is for anyone coming into the gym for the first time or anyone coming back to the gym after a long time away. The purpose of the RAMPUP program is to make sure you are doing exercises with proper form, technique and range of motion, as well as being comfortable on our RealRyder bikes before you take on any classes. The chances of you feeling comfortable and enjoying our classes increases greatly after the RAMPUP program as it builds confidence in knowing what to expect when you come to the gym. We will also assess where you are at the beginning of the RAMPUP. 

After your RAMPUP program we will reassess where you are it. This can include weight and measurements or a physical conditioning test depending on your goals. This allows you to celebrate those small wins you have made and keep the momentum by making an action plan going forward. 

Your action plan will include a plan for your workouts for the next two months as well an action plan for nutrition to help accelerate your results going forward. Remember you must be in this for the long hall because thirty days will not leave you with long term changes. 

Then, every 90 days we will do a check in to see how your progress is going and to reassess your results. This is a great time to make any changes needed since your goals will change constantly. Maybe you need more focus on nutrition or you need more accountability from a coach because you haven’t been meeting your workout targets each month. We will check in with you every 90 days to keep you accountable and moving forward. Anyone can book a 90-day check-in. This may be new for those of you who have been around for a while but we encourage you to book a check in with us to make sure you are on the best path.

Here is to your health and fitness journey!