Calorie Density

Is it possible to eat MORE & still lose weight? Yes…thanks to foods low in calorie density & rich in nutrients, water & fibre.

We are living in a time where we are feeding our bodies but not nourishing them. The problem with this is our bodies continue to crave more food until nutrient requirements are met .

Once we fill up our stomachs, stretch receptors in our stomach walls tell us when we’ve had enough. Given this information, if your goal is weight loss you could decrease the number of calories in each stomach load by changing what you eat without necessarily having to change the amount. Some foods have more calories per cup compared to others. The average stomach can expand to fit about a quart of food (roughly 4 cups). As an example, if you chose to fill your entire stomach full of ice cream you would max out your caloric intake for the day on one sitting, now if you chose to eat the same amount of calories of berries you’d have to eat around 44 cups of them which would be nearly impossible

So the answer should never be restriction. You can eat MORE, feel better & reduce your risk of chronic disease all at once by adding in more whole foods

Portion controlled diets only end up working in the short term because they are UNSUSTAINABLE. The answer really can be as simple as adding MORE calorically dilute, fibre rich foods into your lifestyle. The volume on your plate will be LARGER not smaller, helping with satiety, fullness & an increase in phytonutrients & minerals

What about fruit? They tend to be higher in calories? How many times has someone told you to avoid bananas because of the calories? Want to know something cool about plant foods & fruit?The majority of their make up is air & water. A banana is 20% air, most of the rest is water. Not taking into account the thermic effect of food (calories required for digestion). So your body isn’t even taking in all of the calories present. Fruit takes up more room in the stomach & comes along with fibre & antioxidants, both of which are crucial for optimal health. So next time someone tells you to avoid fruit…throw some fruit at them!

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