Did you know the thoughts you have towards the food you fuel with as well as your own body image make a difference in how your body responds to what you eat?

Yep it’s true! Our thoughts, intentions, mood, stress level etc. all make a HUGE difference in the way our body reacts and responds to what you are fuelling it with.

Don’t believe me?? Have you ever had a meal that was made with so much love and passion that it ended up being the best tasting meal you’ve ever had vs the meal you were making while you were stressed & sad…. have you ever eaten in such a rush that you experience bloating, discomfort and low energy afterwards vs sitting down to be present and grateful that you have the ability to fuel your body?? It all makes a difference.

This is why when you are embarking on a health journey that it’s SO crucial to treat your body with love and not hate for how you look in the present moment. This is why it’s so important to leave behind any guilt you have towards eating a treat, because the stress and guilt that comes along with that is honestly worse for you then the treat itself. Accept that healthy living is about joy & balance, about finding a flow that works for you & that you can actually sustain long term. It should never make you feel worse than you already do, it should never stress you out…it should do the exact opposite and bring you MORE JOY.

Be grateful that you have the ability to access healthy foods, prepare your foods with love (yes it’s even possible if you are short on time), give thanks before each meal, actually chew your food, take a second to learn the basics of food & nutrition so you know why it’s so important to deliver good nutrition to your cells. Create a dedicated place to sit down & enjoy meals, every now and then find time to eat with those you love, have fun experimenting with all of the wonderful foods our earth offers, and stop treating a healthy diet as if it’s a chore.

You GET to fuel your body…. you GET to have control over what you fuel it with…. you GET to create your own energy.

Coach Ash

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