Have you fallen down? What do you do when you get there? Do you get back up or stay down?

This weekend I had the chance to help with my sons first hockey practice: kids five and under. Some could stay on their feet but some could not. The amazing thing, they all kept trying to get back up. There were some tears, and smiles as well. Sure, some took longer to gain their balance then others but eventually they did it and they got better each time. As these kids hit the ice only once or twice a week, by the end of the season they will all be much better skilled then they were this weekend.

Why am I telling you this? Well, the lesson is to keep getting back up. Even if you feel like you are getting nowhere, you are making progress as long as you keep trying. There are times when you will not see results, there are times when you will ask yourself why do I keep doing this? There are times when you will not enjoy what you are putting your body through. But all this is necessary to get better. By being consistent you will improve. You will get fitter, you will get stronger, you will change your body and your mind. If you don’t see the change you want on the scale that’s ok. Think about how your workouts are affecting your daily life, your work, your relationships, how you keep up with your kids or your grandkids.

Now, anyone of those kids could quit today and then they will never improve in the sport. But I guarantee you none of them will this year. They are committed to a season; they are committed to a team. They are being held accountable by their coaches and their teammates. They will finish the year and they will finish much more skilled then when they started and this is what will keep them motivated to continue on.

No matter where you are on your journey in health and fitness, when you fall down, when you fail, get back up. Take another step forward each day. Commit to a full season not just a few workouts. Your coaches will be their all season and they expect you to show up, the expect you to be consistent and they expect you improve every week. They cannot help you if you only show up when you feel like it. We have 3 months left in the 2021 season, go out and make the best of it!

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