You may think it takes a lot of willpower and knowledge to be successful with healthy eating or working out but that is just the tip of the iceberg. What we really need to focus on first is our mindset. 

What exactly does this mean? This means we must set our mind up for success and not failure. Examples of a failing mindset is telling yourself you are going to eat perfectly for six weeks. It may be telling yourself you will try a new fad diet for four weeks or it may be committing to exercise seven days a week from zero. Expecting quick results is also setting yourself up for failure. 

A better way to approach building healthy habits is realizing that it will take time to build habits. You cannot change everything at once and must start with small steps which will eventually snowball to create long term lasting results. It is accepting failure and using it as a stepping stone and a learning point going forward. It is celebrating the small wins each day and not focusing on what you did wrong. It is adding in more of the good instead of restricting yourself. 

Where the mind goes, the body will follow. Mindset is your foundation and without it you will only get so far. Creating a positive and open mindset at the start will allow you to overcome challenges and obstacles and stay on course throughout the tough times. 

Maybe you are looking at building healthy lifestyle habits. Start by focusing on what you are already doing well then add in one or two more good things this week. Celebrate each day when you stick to the habit and then add in another one or two the next week. When you “fall of the wagon” realize that it is about being consistent and not perfect. Remember to use the toothbrush analogy. If you miss one night of brushing your teeth that doesn’t mean you will not brush your teeth the rest of the week. The next day get back to your good habits. 

Set your mind and your body will follow.