What motivates you? Is it watching a motivational video? Listening to your favourite pump up song? Maybe it’s setting goals. Maybe you make a vision board every year with the things you want to do and achieve. Does all this really motivate you?

How many times have you felt motivated to start eating better or start a workout routine? You may have heard someones story and said “hey I can do that”, but then the next day the drive was gone and you did not have the same motivation to get started. Maybe you where excited to stay fit from home but it only lasted a few days.

All these things can get you excited and feeling motivated but they do not keep you motivated. How do you stay motivated? It’s called PROGRESS. Progress keeps you motivated! When you start to see results, that keeps you motivated. When you have more energy and feel better after a month of consistent working out, that is progress and it will keep you motivated. Listening to your favourite pump up song each day will not keep you motivated long term but progress and results will!

Now, how do you start to see progress? Well, by taking action of course. Taking action on your goals. Starting to work out. Starting to eat more veggies. Whatever it is that is going to get you closer to your goals. That is what you need to take action on. Action = progress. Progress = motivation.

It is harder to lose something once you have made progress. For example, the MyZone app we use at the studio has different tiered rankings for being consistent. After so many months of consistent exercise you can obtain a bronze ranking, then a silver, then a gold, and all the way up to the hall of fame. For those who have already obtained one of these rankings it more likely that they will be consistent to maintain this. When someone is starting out they will not be motivated by this because they did not achieve anything yet and they have nothing to lose. They have made no progress.

Why do many people lose motivation a month after the new year? Simply, they did not see progress because their eating habits were poor, or they are not working out consistently. Whatever it is, they are not seeing progress so they stop since they are not motivated.

If you want to get motivated then the secret is ACTION! Action equals progress and progress will keep you motivated long term!

What type of progress can keep you motivated? It may be a consistent work out schedule of getting three to four workouts in per week. It may be eating veggies twice a day everyday. It may be feeling better everyday. All of the above are progress towards your goals and can help keep you motivated if you celebrate these small wins.

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