Today I wanted to go back and talk about the basics. This is great for beginners but also a good reminder for veteran exercisers. How exactly do we get fit? 

There is no right or wrong answer. There is no right or wrong method. Yes, there are methods that suit your goals better then others. If you want to lose weight, then nutrition should be your priority and then strength training followed by cardio then flexibility. I would not recommend doing yoga four times per week and nothing else to reach this goal. Sure it can help with weight loss but it is probably not the best method. 

The key to getting fit is first finding a method that you enjoy enough that you will continue to do week after week and month after month. If strength training is one of the best methods for weight loss but you can’t stand lifting weights and you will not do it regularly then this is not the best method for you. The best method for you is the method you will do consistently. 

Here are a few more ways you can get fit. 

1)   Exercise daily. This does not mean you need to exercise hard every day but at least get up and move for 30 minutes each day.

2)   Do a strength or strength and conditioning workout at least 3 days per week.

3)   Do high intensity workouts at least two of those three days per week (depending on your goals).

4)   Work on your mobility and flexibility daily or every other day. This can take as little as five minutes. 

5)   Once a week do a fun activity that you enjoy that is exercise such as playing a sport, going for a hike or a bike ride.

6)   Start your morning with a nutritious breakfast packed with vitamins and minerals. Try a smoothie or smoothie bowl or add fruits and veggies to your current breakfast.

7)   Aim to be consistent and not perfect with your workouts and your eating. 

The key to getting fit is finding something that you will do consistently and then aim to be active every day!