How do you get fit? What is the best way? Is one method better than another? Will cycling or strength training work best or a combination of both? Maybe its yoga, pilates or crossfit that is best? How do you know which to choose?

Today we will look a two simple ways to know which method is best to use.

1) The method. The method must suit your goals. If you are looking to gain strength and muscle, then just doing cardio will not allow you reach your goals. If you want to become more flexible, then just doing strength training will not get you closer to your goals. If you want to lose weight then you will need to do strength training, cardio and clean up your nutrition and not just do yoga. Make sure the method you use most often will get you closer to your goals and is specific to what you are looking to attain.

2) Choose the method you will do most consistently. Success comes with what you do consistently and not what you do occasionally. If you are looking to lose weight and you despise doing cardio, then don’t try and do cardio five days a week. Do more strength training if that’s what you enjoy. By trying to use willpower to get through workouts it will not last long term. Choose the method you will do consistently and that you enjoy doing more. Yes, we may all need to stretch, strength train and do some cardio, but the workouts you do occasionally should be the workouts that are not specific to your goals.

When it comes down to which method is best to get fit it doesn’t matter if more people have had results using a particular method or if science shows one method is better than another. If you will not exercise or follow the plan, then you are better off using a method you will do more often even if science shows another method gets quicker results. For example, if you know running will burn more calories then walking, but you will only run once a week, but you would walk six days a week then you are better off sticking with walking since it will be more consistent. You will get results by doing things consistently and not occasionally. You will get fit by being consistent with your routine and creating a lifestyle that involves fitness.

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