CRAVINGS, let’s talk about them.

Cravings are actually a good thing, it’s your body communicating with you that it’s in need of something. The important thing to realize though is that cravings aren’t always about food, it’s about getting to the root cause and becoming more in tune with your body.

Think about cravings like an iceberg..most of us have a craving and go directly for a snack to suppress that craving but that’s only covering up the tip of the iceberg. We don’t realize that underneath that iceberg it’s 10 times deeper than we thought….same goes for cravings. It’s also important to know that perfection doesn’t exist and sometimes you just have to treat yourself and enjoy it.

Dehydration is one of the most common causes of cravings. Start your day with water & continue to stay hydrated throughout.

Aim for balanced meals, ones that include protein, carbohydrates & a healthy fat to help stabilize blood sugar & keep you feeling more satisfied after your meals.

Avoid eating too many overstimulating foods that are loaded with excess sodium/sugar & chemically altered ingredients. These hyper palatable foods cause you to crave them even more & throw your taste buds out of whack.

Start your day with tongue scraping, tongue scraping first thing in the morning helps remove bacteria that sits on your tongue that can lead to cravings from foods you’ve eaten the days prior, works like a charm! You can find tongue scrapers on Amazon for pretty cheap!

You may be lacking in nutrients, there’s a huge difference between being fed and being nourished, empty calories that don’t provide valuable nutrients will lead you to constantly craving more and never truly being full because your cells aren’t getting the nutrients they need. Add in more nutrient dense foods.

Try to reduce stress levels, when we are stressed it can lead to stress eating, instead get to the root of the problem & include stress reducing activities.

Sleep enough, lack of sleep can lead to sugar/caffeine cravings because your body is lacking energy.

Ask yourself if you are actually hungry or just bored, if you could eat an apple then you are hungry.

Coach Ash.

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