How is a coach going to help you reach your goals? Well, there are a few things a coach brings that will help you get to your goals. 

Experience. Not just experience of being a coach, but experience going through what you are going through or a similar situation. Most coaches have a story of how they got into fitness or nutrition. Yes, education is important but if a coach has not experienced something similar to the client or overcome obstacles with fitness and nutrition then it is hard to know how they are feeling as they are going along their journey. This is why the best coaches don’t always have the most education but the most experience and experiences. 

A Plan. A coach will have a step by step plan in place to get you to your goal. They will do this by working backwards from your goal to where you are starting from. We all will most likely slip up at some point so a coach can easily adapt the plan for the current situation and keep you on course. 

Accountability. We all need accountability in some area of life. A coach provides this whether it is keeping you accountable to showing up to an appointment, checking your food logs, or even a simple text message to make sure you did todays workout. These are all ways a coach can check in and hold you accountable to following the plan. 

A coach provides a new perspective. You may think you are doing something properly, working out hard enough or eating clean and maybe your spouse or family agree because that is what you all believe. Your coach is another set of unbiased eyes and ears to provide you true feedback on what you are doing and how you can constantly improve your habits. 

A coach’s duty is more than just making you a workout plan or a meal plan. A coach will be there with you along the journey to answer your questions, to give you feedback and to support you. A coach will keep you accountable, on track and tell you what you need to hear not what you want to hear.