Ditch the fad diets please, restriction followed by binging isn’t the way to do it. Work to reverse this mentality, food is fuel, you need to eat nourishing foods. Calories aren’t a bad thing! Eat more to LIVE more.

Eat more whole foods, especially veggies, aim to have half of your plate filled with vegetables at every meal, why? They are incredibly nourishing, filled with fiber, minerals and create a larger volume for your meals.

Eat more whole foods and less packaged foods. Whole foods that contain fiber, minerals, antioxidants and nutrients are a lot better for your long term health & energy than processed packaged “low calorie” foods containing endless amounts of chemical additives.

Include resistance training. No it won’t make you bulky, it will make you stronger and leaner over time, along with a huge boost in confidence and mental strength. The more muscle we have the more calories our bodies burn at rest. Gaining muscle will make the number on the scale go up, but your % of body fat will go down, this helps build a healthier metabolism. Eat to fuel your body and give yourself more energy rather than restricting yourself from the nutrients and calories your body NEEDS to function.

Eat balanced meals, this includes carbs!! What?! I know crazy right? One macronutrient won’t make you gain weight, we need all 3 for our bodies to properly function. This goes way beyond weight loss/gain, they influence your energy, hormones, mood, brain etc. Include whole food carbohydrates, healthy fats & protein at each meal to help with satiation & energy.

Increase your NEAT, non-exercise activity thermogenesis. This is the energy our body expends doing activities that aren’t exercise related such as walking, fidgeting, housework etc. A good place to start is a daily walk or parking your car father away to increase steps.

Reduce stress, don’t over exercise/under eat, this only adds more stress & leads to your body holding on to fat. Find ways of dealing with the root cause of your stress. Make time to slow down and look after your mental health.

Set realistic & specific goals + create a plan & stay CONSISTENT. One bad meal won’t make you gain weight, it’s all about that long term lifestyle you create.

Coach Ash.

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