How do you successfully workout from home with virtual classes? Well, we know from experience that zoom class attendance dies off over a few weeks, EXCEPT if you have adequate equipment! Those that tend to stick around longer are those who have adequate equipment and workout space at home. Setting up your environment for success is half the battle. Just as we talk about with nutrition it’s not about having the willpower, it’s about having the environment prepared and being in the right mindset.

What will you need to do to stay committed to virtual workouts from home?

1) Have the proper equipment. The more the better. Ideally dumbbells, bands and a kettlebell will allow you to add variety to your workouts.
2) Find a group that works out consistently together at the same time every day.
3) Have a coach or friend who is holding you accountable. If you miss a workout someone should be asking where you were.
4) Have a plan in place of how many workouts you must get in per week to meet your goals.
5) Choose a method that you enjoy. Remember you won’t be jumping for joy as you do it but you will miss it if you don’t do it.
6) Acknowledge the small wins. Getting in your weekly workouts is a win. It’s not easy for most people to workout form home so the small wins are big!

At RAM we run our 6am Virtual Classes Monday to Friday. Those that have been able to stick with it have adequate equipment such as a bike or treadmill and some weights. Some people have their own bike and some rent. We also have a library of our classes recorded to do when you like.

Check out our 6 am Virtual Committed Club HERE.

No matter what you do whether it is online classes, zoom personal training or workouts on your own, the key is to be consistent. It’s not what you do, it’s what you do consistently that makes a difference.

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