Ex- navy seal Jocko Willink uses the phrase “Good operating weather”. 

In the seal team “good operating weather” means that it was cold, raining, extremely hot or crazy terrain. It was all the worst scenarios possible. But what this means is it is a chance to come out and win since the enemy will likely be letting their guard down while facing the same scenarios.   

I thought that this could relate to your fitness journey. We can call it “Good workout weather”.

What is “Good workout weather”? Well, it’s showing up on the days that the sun is shining and you want to be outside sitting on the deck. Its showing up on the rainy days when you don’t want to leave the house. Its showing up in a snowstorm to get your workout in when others will stay home. That’s what good workout weather is. 

If we sit around and wait for the perfect weather, we will get beat or fall behind on our journey to our goals. If we stay consistent no matter the weather or what is happening in your life and you take time for yourself daily then you will get the results you are looking for. 

Next time you are contemplating if you should go to the gym, if you should do your workout, wait until the weather cools down or if you should start a fitness program then tell yourself “It’s good workout weather today!” If you wait you will fall behind, if you take action you will get results!