In previous blogs we gave you tactics of how to eat mindfully. Action steps on how to slow down, chew your food, eat without distractions and listen to your body.

Today we will look at action steps you can take to plan ahead for meals and snacks.

Here are some skills you can practice daily that we use from our nutrition coaching certification:

1) Protect Time: Use a calendar to schedule workouts, grocery shopping, food prep and other health appointments.

2) Anticipate: Look ahead at the upcoming week and anticipate potential obstacles and setbacks.

3) Ritual: Create a daily and weekly ritual to get into the routine of chopping vegetables, packing a lunch, packing workout clothes, batch cooking, arranging childcare etc.

4) 5-minute (or less) Action: these actions build momentum and motivation. -book a physio or chiro appointment
-take a vitamin
-meditate for 5 minutes
-take a 5-minute walk
-go to bed 5 minutes earlier

A few ways that you can plan ahead for meals and snacks:

Portion single servings of leftovers for quick grab and go lunches which you may be able to freeze as well if needed.

Prepare your weekly veggie bucket (on Sunday chop up all your veggies so they are ready to grab and go).

Pick two snacks for the week and have enough for 5 each or 10 total snacks. Example: apple and peanut butter (mid-morning snack all week), veggies and hummus (mid afternoon snack all week).

Create meal cards with your favourite recipes and put them on your fridge or somewhere nearby so you always have healthy meal ideas you enjoy.

These everyday skills, if learned and practiced consistently will make a significant difference to your results.

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