Those who have healthy nutrition habits do not reply on willpower. While those with poor nutrition habits try to use willpower to eat better. But we know willpower can only last so long. Here are the four main core principals you need to know to build a foundation of healthy nutrition habits. This is what you need to solidify before you try something “new”. If you are going to do a cleanse, fasting or try to eat less carbohydrates then make sure you hammer down these principles or else you will have to rely on willpower.

 1.    Use smaller plates. Maybe you have been taught to not waste any food and finish your plate because there are people less fortunate that would be happy to have that food you are thinking of throwing out. Many people have been raised this way and it can affect your health long term. How do you avoid this? Simple, use a smaller plate during your meals. When you use a smaller plate you will put less food on your plate, therefore you will consume less calories and will still feel good that you did not waste anything. This simple tactic can help some people lose at least 5lbs in a year. 

2.    Eat more small meals more frequently. Eating small meals more frequently will help you stay lean and trim by increasing your metabolism and keeping your blood sugar stable. Think of a horse that grazes throughout the day. They are muscular and trim compared to a bear who hibernates and eats a lot at once and they tend to be bigger and rounder. This tactic will also help you avoid overeating at meals. 

3.    Eat veggies first. Eating your veggies first and having at least half a plate of veggies will allow you to displace other foods that are not as nutritious. We know that veggies are the best food for us so eat them first then have your protein and carbohydrates. 

4.    Remove Temptation. This is setting your environment up for success. Having junk food in the house leaves you relying on willpower which we know does not last long. Try to not bring these items into your home in the first place or if you do then put them out of site. Another example is going out for lunch everyday. Avoid the temptation by packing your own nutritious lunch.  

Master these main four core principles first to build your foundation. Then you can build more habits from here. Without mastering these principles, you may crumble like a house on a poor foundation. Master the basics and then you can think about trying other strategies, supplementing or exploring different eating types.