2022 is just around the corner! The question is do you have a plan to be the best you can be? How will you take action towards these goals? Maybe you set goals, but have not set a plan of how to get there step by step. 

Let’s look at working backwards from a goal and how to create a plan. For example, let’s say your goal is to lose 10 lbs and get more muscle definition. How long will this take you? If we assume losing one pound per week is reasonable then it will take 10 weeks. If we round up to 12 weeks it will take 3 months to reach this goal. If you start on January 1st you should set a timeline of March 30th to complete this goal. 

Now work backwards from here. Look back halfway, what is the halfway point to your goal? Its 5 lbs. By February 15th set a short term goal of 5 lbs weight loss. The halfway point from 10 lb to 5 lbs is 7.5lbs and half way from 0 to 5 lbs is 2.5 lbs. Break this down until you get weekly goals. Now you have short term weekly goals set. 

Next is to set your daily goals. What will you do each day of the week that is going to get you closer to your goal. If you plan on working out 5 days per week what days will they be and at what time? Set them in your calendar. What classes will you be doing? Write it down. If you will be working out on your own take it to the next step and design your workouts for each day of the week. You need a plan in place in order to have little wins each and every day. 

Don’t forget about nutrition. Plan this out as well weekly and prepare your veggie and snack buckets. You may not stick exactly to the plan and that’s ok, adapt as needed but try your best. Each day make sure you pack your lunch and your snacks and know what you will be having for dinner when you get home. 

Write it all down on paper and stick to the plan. “Failing to plan, is planning to fail”. 

Happy Planning !