I’m going to start eating healthy tomorrow. This is common among many people who have not developed healthy habits. This all or nothing approach will only last short term unless you learn how to change your behaviours and develop healthy habits. Not sure how or where to start? There are a few fundamentals to work on when you want to develop a healthy lifestyle.

They include: Eat slowly and mindfully, plan ahead for meals and snacks, choose higher quality food more often, build a supportive environment, portion control, increase awareness, learn to recognize hunger and fullness cues, regular physical activity, rest and recovery, regulate emotions without using food or alcohol and build a resilient mindset.

With each of the above fundamentals there are action steps you can take to develop habits in each area. Do not try to change them all at once. Work on one at a time.

Today here are a few action steps to work on eating slowly and mindfully.

1) Use a meal timer, take 20 minutes to eat as your body will not know its full until after 20 minutes. Try to avoid eating your meal in 5 minutes.
2) Eat like your savoring a fine wine.
3) Put down your utensils between bites.
4) Pause 75% of the way through a meal to assess fullness level.
5) Pace yourself to the slowest eater
6) Eat without distractions

Today try one of these tasks. Then tomorrow or in a few days add in another. Once you have developed the habit of eating slower then you can move on to the next fundamental.

Remember you are what you eat! Literally.

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