Positive habits are what will lead to long-term success in health and fitness. If you have followed the steps from creating a positive mindset to setting up your environment for success it will now be much easier to create habits that last.

When it comes to exercise, some positive habits that you may want to develop are:

1) Working out consistently (4 or 5 times per week).
2) Working out in the morning before work or before your day starts.
3) Doing group classes three times per week and two workouts on your own.
4) Being active every day for thirty minutes.

Now how do you make these tasks into habits. Simply do them consistently. If you choose to workout two times per week that’s great but your chances of making it a habit are less likely because you will not be doing it as consistently as working out five times per week. Although you need to start with realistic goals. If you have not worked out for five years you may want to start with three workouts per week and then add in two days of walking between and then after a month or two of consistency make it a habit of working out four days per week and so on.

Here are the three R’s of habit building.

1) Reminder – set a reminder in your phone or on your calendar for your daily workout. Pencil it in as an appointment.
2) Routine – This is the action you are taking (working out, getting up early etc.)
3) Reward – You get to feel great all day and be more productive if you workout in the morning or you will have more energy to play with your kids or grandkids.

Use the three R’s to take action daily, and if done consistently will create habits that will last.

Our behaviours form habits. What we do daily will determine our habits which will affect our mindset, our health and ultimately our life. Live daily with your goals in mind. Create positive habits that are going to help you get closer to your goals and not further away. And, always be consistent in what you do.

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