“How do I stay out of the kitchen cupboards during the day?”. Working at home or just being home more often can lead to easy accessibility to food and boredom eating. Here are a few tips to stay out of the cupboards. 

1) Put your junk food out of site and out of reach. If it is in your house you will eat it. Don’t buy those processed foods or snacks in the first place if possible. “But it’s in the house for my kids?” Well guess what, it’s not good for your kids either. Even though they may not put on weight the effect sugar or processed foods has on the body goes deeper than weight gain. It goes down to a cellular level. Do you want your kids to use quality food to build their body rather than garbage? I assume you would. Keep your junk food in the basement or on the top shelf out of reach. This is a simple tactic that will help you avoid reaching for those treats throughout the day. If they are at eye level in the cupboard willpower will only last so long.  

2) Eat consistently. Eating your basic three meals per day will spike your blood sugar throughout the day and cause you to crave carbohydrates frequently. Eat approximately every three hours. This will help keep blood sugar stable and curve cravings. 

3) Eat balanced meals. Eat meals consisting of a protein, carbohydrate and a fat. It is common for us to go to that quick snack like crackers, a bagel or muffins etc. These foods will spike blood sugar since they are a form of sugar. Eat complete meals and snacks that have protein and fat to keep you fuller longer. If you eat an apple try some peanut butter with it. If you have crackers eat it with some hummus. Even better, use veggies instead. If you are eating toast for breakfast have it with some fruit and a hardboiled egg or peanut butter. Doing so will sustain you for a longer period. 

4) Drink your water! Drink your daily water intake which will also help keep you satiated. Try consuming half your body weight in ounces per day! This will help you avoid over eating or boredom eating.  

5) Use the apple test. When you look in the fridge or cupboard for something to eat, ask yourself “would I eat an apple right now?” If yes, then you are hungry, eat the apple or something nutritious. If no, then you are probably looking to eat out of boredom or stress. 

Try implementing just one of these tactics right away and let me know how it goes!