Working out at home seems to work for some people but not work for others. The good news is if you set yourself up for success at home you will never have an excuse again to miss a workout. How do you ensure you stick to your at home program?

1) Set up your environment for success. Just as we preach for nutrition, it is important to have a supporting environment, in this case your home gym. This does not mean you need lots of equipment, you just need an open space large enough to do some movement where you will not be distracted. If you do not have a space ready to workout in, you are less likely to do your workout if you have to move the coffee table and grab your weights from the closet. Have everything set up in one space easy to access at any time.

2) Invest in some basic equipment. Although body weight workouts will work, having a few pieces of equipment will make workouts more varied, enjoyable and just keep things interesting. What should you get? A stability ball, a set or two of dumbbells, a kettlebell, a band with handles and a mini band. You can get all this for under $200 to get you started. Data shows that those with equipment are more likely to stick to an at home workout program than those who have no equipment.

3) Set a schedule. Write out a schedule that you are going to stick to. If you just decide you are going to work out when you want to it will not happen. Set a schedule in stone and take action on completing your workouts. Not having a set schedule will lead to procrastination which leads to not taking action.

4) Find workouts that have some sort of accountability. Online classes and videos are great but not everyone can stay accountable to doing them consistently. Find a program that has someone checking in on you regularly to keep you accountable to your workouts and nutrition. You can also find a group that may workout with you virtually at the same time.

5) Track your progress. Make sure you have a way to see if you are progressing. Set your goals then set short term goals along the way to see progress which will keep you motivated. Every 1 to 2 months measure your progress. If you are reaching your short term goals, then continue on that path. If you are not, then make a new plan.

If you miss a workout don’t get down about it, just get back on track the next day. It is not easy for a lot of us to workout from our home. Some movement is better than none. Do what you can and keep moving forward.

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