One of the toughest things on many people through this pandemic has been mindset and mental health. This is already affecting many people and will have a long-term effect on many people after lockdowns have ended. We know that exercise can help us feel better, not just our body but our minds as well. Today we will look at a few ways beside vigorous exercise that will help you keep a positive mindset. They key just like working out and eating well is consistency. Doing these tasks only once a week is good but not ideal. Aim to be consistent in order to see the greatest results.

These tactics anyone can do and they are simple.

1) Take a 5 minute or longer walk in nature. Being immersed in nature has a positive effect on the human body and mind. When you get out for a walk or easy bike ride try to do this in nature whenever possible.

2) Take 5 minutes to yourself in the morning to collect your thoughts. We all rush into our days and get stuck in autopilot so get up 5 minutes early, have your coffee and either sit in silence or think about what you want to accomplish today.

3) Show gratitude. In the morning or evening write down our say 5 things or people you are grateful for.

4) Listen to a motivating or positive podcast or read a book for 5 minutes each day.

5) Take 5 minutes to lay still in silence, take long deep breathes and relax. Feel your heart rate drop. If you have high blood pressure this is a simple technique that can help lower the heart rate and blood pressure.

These are 5 simple tasks that if done consistently can make a big difference on your mindset and how you approach your day or any situations that arise. Choose one tactic to start with and master it. Then add in another.

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