Have you made it easy for yourself to succeed? Or, is your environment holding you back from moving closer to your goals?

Yesterday we looked at setting your mindset for your fitness journey. Today we will look at setting your environment up for success.

We will look at three different types of environments. Physical, social and online.

Is your physical environment set up to help you succeed getting your workouts in daily? If you workout from home, do you have a home gym setup? It does not need to be big, but the key is to have everything in a space where you will not get distracted and equipment is easily accessible. Also, ideally a bright clean space. If you have to pull your workout equipment out of the closet each time and move your coffee table this isn’t ideal and can be a barrier to getting your workouts done. If you are working out at home invest in a proper space with adequate equipment.

If you are going to a gym does the space suit your goals? Does it have adequate equipment. If it has a bunch of machines you have no idea how to use, then this will not help you. Is it clean? Does it have showers so you can get ready for work quickly if you need to? Is there a coach to lead and coach you through your workout or someone available to help you if you do not know what to do? Whatever it is you need in your physical workout area make sure your gym has it for you and no additional distractions such as televisions.

You are the sum of the five people you spend the most time with. Want to be fit and healthy? Hang out with friends who workout regularly. If you are hanging out with friends who drink three nights a week or go for fast food three to four times per week this will not help you reach your goals. You will eventually build similar habits to the people you hang around with. Surround yourself with other like-minded people and it is even better if they have similar goals to you. This will raise the bar and everyone in the group will benefit from the relationships.

What are you reading and watching online? As we all spend more time on social media are you viewing quality content? When you find yourself scrolling, ask yourself this: How will this help me? If it is information such as a podcast, blog or post that has useful information that you can utilize then that’s a good investment of time. If you are just looking at what others are doing with their lives, then it usually is time wasted. Fuel your mind with information that will help you grow and become better.

Now that you have created a positive mindset and a supportive environment, next it is time to build some habits.

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