How can you live a healthy lifestyle eating the foods you love? Maybe for you, fruits and veggies and hummus will only last so long. Chicken salad for lunch will only appetize you for a few months. Then you crave those foods that taste great but you know may not be the best for you.

How is it we can make healthy eating a lifestyle and have a healthy relationship with food? How can we eat pizza and pasta and feel good about it? How can we have dessert and not feel guilty? First of all, no one is perfect and we are all going to eat processed sugar loaded foods once in a while. That’s fine just don’t make it a daily habit and don’t beat yourself up about it.

How can you make a healthy pizza? That cauliflower crust they have in the store? That kind of sucks. Most of the time you need to watch with these so called “healthy” products. Read the ingredient list. If the cauliflower crust has cauliflower and only one or two other ingredients you recognize, then it will be pretty healthy. If there is a list of ten or fifteen ingredients and they start using all kinds of starches as fillers, then that is not beneficial to you.

Here is my opinion. You order a pizza and I am sure a lot of places use sugar and maybe other sweeteners to make dough taste great. If you buy a frozen pizza I guarantee you that there are a bunch of ingredients in that pizza, some you even do not know what they are. What to do? Make your own dough. I made a dough last weekend using flour, yeast, oil and water. That’s it. What’s wrong with that? You could say the flour, buy a good quality flour and you will be fine. Then use some crushed tomatoes add olive oil and himalayan see salt and make a sauce. Top with a bunch of veggies or whatever you like. No processed foods or added sugars here. It will taste even better then takeout.

Need a chocolate fix? Instead of grabbing that candy bar make an avocado pudding. Blend up banana, avocado, peanut butter and cocoa and enjoy a healthy chocolate treat.

Its making these efforts consistently that makes you eat enjoyable foods that are still packed with nutrition. You don’t have to eat just veggies and chicken. There are many ways to enjoy what you’re eating, you just have to put a little time and love into preparing and making your own foods.

Don’t overthink, keep it simple, try healthy recipe alternatives and see results while loving what you eat!

Task: What’s the one treat you often have you can’t live without? Now find a way to make it a more nutritious.

Let us help you build better habits!