Designed for today’s active urban woman.

Our studio exclusively features the beautiful and very functional active wear line Lolë. Lolë nurtures the body and mind with fun, feminine, and beautifully designed activewear that’s stylish enough to transition instantly from the studio to the street. Designed for today’s active urban woman, Lolë collections truly reflect a modern lifestyle, and turn consumption into investment by offering long-lasting, versatile clothing with real value.

Lolë stands for Live Out Loud Everyday. Born in Canada and still entirely designed in Montreal, Quebec, the Lolë line offers a versatile collection of run & fitness wear, outerwear, work apparel, swimwear, shoes and accessories.

To discover the line and all that it has to offer:

Schedule your private shopping experience with Lolë Ambassador Alysia Mitchell. To book your shopping tour click here!
Browse the line during studio hours.

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Alysia Mitchell

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