Youth Fitness

Our youth programs are designed to keep youth active while building a positive relationship with fitness, nutrition and mindset. Our youth groups are fun, competitive and will challenge your child both physically and mentally.

Why RAM Youth Fitness?

Just like every other area of fitness at RAM we take on a very customized approach to our Youth Fitness Programs. Developed by teachers, kinesiologists and personal trainers, our specialty youth programs focus on a holistic vision of health; strengthening both body and mind.

What We Offer

  • Programs designed specifically for various age groups
  • Programs designed for youth athletes and sports teams
  • Holistic training approach; body + mind

Let’s get our kids moving!


The best diet.

What is the best diet? There are so many options how do we know what is best for our personal bodies. Is it keto, Atkins, the zone diet, intermittent fasting or low carb just to name a few. I believe the first step to finding the proper “diet” is to eliminate the term...

Boost your immunity.

Let’ s talk about vitamins and minerals. Below we will tell you why they are important. Just remember that we eat to fuel our body and to allow our body to function properly in order to stay healthy. Where can we get all our vitamins and minerals? Supplements? Why...

Is it possible to eat MORE & still lose weight?

Calorie Density Is it possible to eat MORE & still lose weight? Yes…thanks to foods low in calorie density & rich in nutrients, water & fibre. We are living in a time where we are feeding our bodies but not nourishing them. The problem with this is our...


Monday: 6AM - 1PM | 4PM - 8PM

Tuesday: 6AM - 1PM | 4PM - 8PM

Wednesday: 6AM - 1PM | 4PM - 8PM

Thursday: 6AM - 1PM | 4PM - 8PM

Friday: 6AM - 1PM | 4PM - 8PM

Saturday: 8:30AM - 10:30AM

Sunday: 8:30AM - 10AM

*RAM Is open on a class and appointment basis.