Ryan Mitchell

Ryan Mitchell

Owner/Founder, Personal Trainer and RealRyder Cycling Coach

Background: BSc. Human Kinetics, Personal Trainer Specialist, Certified Kinesiologist, RealRyder Indoor Cycling Instructor, Les Mills RPM Instructor, Twist Sports Conditioning Coach Bronze, Triathlon Community Sports Coach, Functional Flexibility and Fascia Fitness Certification

Passion: Triathlon and Ironman

Fav Class: EVERYTHING … I love it all !

RAM Music: Techno/EDM and I always love some classic rock.

Athletic Goal: Sub-12hour Ironman

Secret talent: DIY handyman!

Quote: “Anything is Possible”

Alysia Mitchell

Alysia Mitchell

Personal Trainer and RealRyder Cycling Instructor

Background: BEd, PTS, RealRyder Indoor Cycling Instructor, Triathlon Community Sport Coach

Passion: Swimming, cycling and running! & of course my sweet niece Lily!

Fave Class: The all out, all intense RealRyder Burn!

RAM Music: I love a good mix!  EDM/Dance, Top 40s and I can’t forget a little rock!

Athletic Goal this Year: To qualify for Nationals in the Olympic Distance Triathlon Age Group Championships

Secret Talent: I can make a mean chocolate chip chickpea cookie!

Quote: “You are a force to be reckoned with.”

Ashley Dussault

Ashley Dussault

Head Coach, Personal Trainer, RealRyder Cycling Coach, Nutrition Coach

Ashley’s health journey started in her teens. She had spent years struggling with disordered eating & over exercise which unfortunately made her form an unhealthy relationship with both. With a lot of hard work & lifestyle change she took charge of her health and fell in love with exercise and good nutrition for how it made her feel. Ashley made the decision to study fitness & health promotion which lead to finding RAM soon after. Her  passion for fitness and nutrition has grown immensely over time and has lead to studying health coaching, plant based nutrition & nutrition coaching with the goal of providing as much value to our clients as possible. Ashleys journey hasn’t been easy but she is grateful for the struggle, it’s made her appreciate her health, strength & has given her a purpose to inspire others.


You can find Ashley doing personal training, group training, TRX, cycling & nutrition coaching at RAM. She absolutely loves it all but her favourite will always be teaching cycling & strength training.


Ashleys sole purpose at Ram is to help our clients fall in love with taking care of themselves and find joy through movement & good nutrition. Movement should be both fun and functional. Her goal is to show our clients how strong and capable they are through motivation, education and a positive environment.

Daniela Zagordo

Daniela Zagordo

TRX and Small Group Training Specialist

Background: Bachelor of Arts, TRX Suspension Training Certification, SCW Small Group Strength Training Certification

Passion: Family, Food, Wine and…mud runs!!

Fav Class: TRX Strength

RAM Music: Latino Dance…I can imagine we are all on a beach.

Athletic Goal: Another Tough Mudder…without skipping the Arctic Enema obstacle!

Secret talent: Teaching without a microphone…yes, I know I’m loud!

Quote: “If it scares you it might be a good thing to try.”

Jessica Merling

Jessica Merling

Personal Trainer, RealRyder Cycling Coach


Jessica started fitness at a young age, playing competitive soccer where she travelled for most of her teenage life. She danced competitively where she learnt many exercise techniques and had her first hands on training with group coaching.

Jess later suffered a bad injury which retired her as an athlete after two surgeries. She then got into resistance training where she had found her love for fitness in a different light. As time went on Jessica had her first child and is now becoming more active with raising her.

Jessica’s certifications include:

Diploma in Fitness and Health Promotion
Member of the Ontario Fitness Counsel (OFC Certification)
Personal Trainer & Group Fitness Certification

Jessica loves teaching clients how to train in a group setting and also enjoys coaching clients one on one to reach their goals faster. She excels at coaching resistance training and bodybuilding techniques as well as coaching cycling classes.

As a trainer at RAM Jessica looks forward to coaching others to enjoy fitness which is very rewarding and helps others become more confident. “Fitness is the most encouraging lifestyles that pushes us to live a happy and healthy lives, mentally and physically. As a RAM coach I hope to provide knowledge that exercise can be altered to what you enjoy, and make long term goals manageable.”

Stefanie Maione

Stefanie Maione

Personal Trainer, RealRyder Cycling Coach


At 16 years old, Stephanie’s son no longer wanted to play hockey so she finally decided to do something for herself and strengthen her passion with physical health and fitness. Stephanie became both CanFitPro and FitTour Advanced Spin Instructor Certified to improve and gain more knowledge in the industry and empower others.

Stephanie teaches RAM bootcamps and simply loves to do this. “We do circuits of exercises to challenge your cardiovascular and muscular fitness levels while respecting your own strengths and limitations.”

Stephanies purpose at RAM is to help others not only gain strength physically but mentally and emotionally as well.

When she is not in the gym, you can find her at work in the Pharmacy, exploring/biking/snowshoeing trails in our beautiful city with Jeff, or outside pounding the pavement.

Mike Ross

Mike Ross

RealRyder Cycling Coach and Personal Trainer

Bella Ross

Bella Ross

Personal Trainer, Realryder Cycling Coach, Youth Coach

Bella grew up always in sports and being active through soccer and competitive dance but it wasn’t until she got her first major injury that she found interested in weight training as she went through the rehabilitation process. When trying to regain her strength she found a passion for fitness and have loved it ever since!

Bella is currently an undergraduate student at LSSU studying Kinesiology with a concentration in Rehabilitation Sciences. Bella teaches group fitness and does personal training as well is the lead coach for RAM’s youth fitness program.

Bella is always excited to build relationships with new clients and help them regain or gain new strength through exercise. Bella wants to be able to help individuals find their passion for fitness and help them become athletes in everyday life!


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