Ryan Mitchell

Ryan Mitchell

Owner, Personal Trainer and RealRyder Cycling Instructor

Background: BSc. Human Kinetics, Personal Trainer Specialist, Certified Kinesiologist, RealRyder Indoor Cycling Instructor, Les Mills RPM Instructor, Twist Sports Conditioning Coach Bronze, Triathlon Community Sports Coach, Functional Flexibility and Fascia Fitness Certification

Passion: Triathlon and Ironman

Fav Class: EVERYTHING … I love it all !

RAM Music: Techno/EDM and I always love some classic rock.

Athletic Goal: Sub-12hour Ironman

Secret talent: DIY handyman!

Quote: “Anything is Possible”

Alysia Mitchell

Alysia Mitchell

Personal Trainer and RealRyder Cycling Instructor

Background: BEd, PTS, RealRyder Indoor Cycling Instructor, Triathlon Community Sport Coach

Passion: Swimming, cycling and running! & of course my sweet niece Lily!

Fave Class: The all out, all intense RealRyder Burn!

RAM Music: I love a good mix!  EDM/Dance, Top 40s and I can’t forget a little rock!

Athletic Goal this Year: To qualify for Nationals in the Olympic Distance Triathlon Age Group Championships

Secret Talent: I can make a mean chocolate chip chickpea cookie!

Quote: “You are a force to be reckoned with.”

Ashley Dussault

Ashley Dussault

Personal Trainer/Cycling Instructor/Group Fitness Specialist

Background: Ontario Fitness Council Certification, Inspiring holistic nutrition and health coach

Passion: Inspiring others to live healthy lifestyles, traveling and plant based nutrition

Favorite Class: Cycle TRX Fusion

RAM Music: EDM/anything with a good beat

Athletic Goal: Just to be healthy and fit.

Secret Talent: Developing amazing vegan recipes, not to brag

Quote: “You cannot live a positive life with a negative mind.”

Daniela Zagordo

Daniela Zagordo

TRX and Small Group Training Specialist

Background: Bachelor of Arts, TRX Suspension Training Certification, SCW Small Group Strength Training Certification

Passion: Family, Food, Wine and…mud runs!!

Fav Class: TRX Strength

RAM Music: Latino Dance…I can imagine we are all on a beach.

Athletic Goal: Another Tough Mudder…without skipping the Arctic Enema obstacle!

Secret talent: Teaching without a microphone…yes, I know I’m loud!

Quote: “If it scares you it might be a good thing to try.”

Marlene O’laney

Marlene O’laney

RealRyder Cycling Instructor

Background: Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy, C.O.R.E. Cycle Indoor Cycling Instructor

Passion: Ironman

Fave Class: 6am Endurance Ryde

RAM Music: Anything I can sing along with (in my head, of course)

Athletic Goal: Sub-13 Ironman and the feeling that I gave it everything I had

Secret Talent: I can juggle

Henry Lauszus

Henry Lauszus

Equipment Repair and Maintenance Manager

Passion: His Girls & The Outdoors

Fave Class: all cycling classes!

RAM Music:  Anything ACDC

Athletic Goal this Year: Maintain health, wellness and strength!

Secret Talent: Creating outdoor furniture pieces with a chainsaw.

Quote: “Go Big Or Go Home”

Mike Ross

Mike Ross

RealRyder Cycling Instructor and Personal Trainer



Favourite Class:

Athletic Goal:

Secret Talent:


Derek Folz

Derek Folz

Personal Trainer



Favourite Class:

RAM Music: 

Athletic Goal This Year:

Secret Talent:



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