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We launched R.A.M. – Fitness and Cycling Studio in 2013 and have not looked back since. Fueled by a lifetime of involvement in sports and athletics and coupled with our background in teaching and human kinetics to create R.A.M. – A boutique studio with a dynamic well rounded approach to health and wellness.

It is our hope that whatever your goals or wherever you are along your fitness journey you take the opportunity to discover our RAM Family and all that we have to offer you along your path to success and wellness.



What To Expect

RAM is fully systemized so that our services are delivered consistently but with the coaches own unique personality. We keep in constant contact with our clients to keep them on track towards reaching their goals so that they can enjoy a better quality of life. We bring in new clients monthly who fit into our vision and display our core values. Each client has access to a coach and gets at minimum, monthly one on one attention to ensure progress is being made. We utilize fitness, nutrition and mindset to create a healthier and happier community!

As you walk into RAM you will feel motivated and inspired by lighting, music, cleanliness, welcoming coaches, motivational quotes and exceptional service. We make you feel comfortable in your workout space and not intimidated.

Fitness coaching is our flagship service and we provide a perfect balance of cadio, strength training and recovery that will be coached in a class or one on one setting in studio or at home.

Nutrition coaching is simple and effective. You will take action on creating habits that will help you develop a healthy lifestyle. We teach our clients, how to change behaviours that will ultimately lead to building healthy habits and overall better health.

Mindset Coaching involves clear and concise exercises that can be done in minimal time to help clients create an unbreakable mindset. This is the foundation to creating consistent workout and nutrition habits.

Kids fitness is fun, interactive and competitive! Habits will be instilled into our youth that will set them up for long term success in health and fitness as well as in life. Our youth programs provide structure and constant challenges to help our youth improve everyday.


Whether you are looking to lose weight, lose inches, enhance energy, increase strength, improve flexibility, compete at your highest level, or just live a better quality of life, our expert, knowledgeable and friendly team will motivate and inspire you to conquer your goals.

Alysia Mitchell

Alysia Mitchell

Personal Trainer and RealRyder Cycling Instructor

“You are a force to be reckoned with.”

Ryan Mitchell

Ryan Mitchell

Owner, Personal Trainer and RealRyder Cycling Instructor

“Anything is Possible”

Ashley Dussault

Ashley Dussault

Personal Trainer/Cycling Instructor/Group Fitness Specialist

“You cannot live a positive life with a negative mind.”

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*RAM Is open on a class and appointment basis.