Carrier Fit

Ready for your baby to be your personal trainer? Strap on your favourite baby carrier and join us for a class that combines, cardio, sculpting, and core!!! Baby acts as resistance and helps you build strong core muscles, buns of steel and endurance. There is also the extra benefit of an extremely happy baby who gets to stay close to mom all class long! Strong mom + happy baby = perfect harmony!

R.A.M - Cobalt Kids

This action packed class lead and developed by a certified teacher, personal trainer specialist and kinesiologist introduces various sports, cooperative learning games and overall wellness though fitness and nutrition curriculum.

Through these activities, kids will enhance their agility, balance, coordination, sport performance and social interaction all while having a great time!

Youth In Motion

R.A.M.’s Youth in Motion Program offers students throughout the Algoma District School Board and Huron Superior Catholic District School Board the opportunity to be immersed in an innovative and rewarding movement and cognitive based experience.

A group of students with ranging abilities will engage in a dynamic health and wellness program. Throughout the program, the participants will be immersed in various movement based activities including: indoor cycling, strength training, circuit training, flexibility and self‐myofascial release.

Students will also grow cognitively as core learning goals and a strong curriculum focus is embedded into the program. The program is developed and delivered by a certified teacher, personal trainer specialist and kinesiologist.
The Youth in Motion Program is structured to take into account the developmental stages of each specific group of students, as well as their individual needs and learning styles.

Each session has specific goals and learning outcomes and is designed to follow a 6-step format:

  1. Welcome Circle
  2. Cooperative Learning
  3. Fundamental Movement Patterns and RealRyder Indoor Cycling
  4. Game Based Play
  5. Youth in Motion Curriculum Focus
  6. Farewell Circle / R.A.M. Tracker

Contact us – to discuss all that the Youth in Motion Program has to offer, and to implement the program into your school or classroom.

Session Details
Duration:45 - 55 mins
Location:All Studios
Class Type:Stength, Cardio, Brain Boosters
Class Size:4 - 12 persons
Class Instructor
Session Trainer
Ashley Dussault
Personal Trainer/Cycling Instructor/Group Fitness Specialist
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